By Diana Kokoski

NHS (National Honor Society) held its induction ceremony last Sunday to recognize their members for their scholarship, service, leadership and character.

The ceremony commenced with food and entertainment by VSA (Vietnamese Student Association), SXC  (Seoul Extreme Choreography), Indian Club and solo performances by NHS members. The hosts of the ceremony were seniors Guneet Sachdeva, Melina Tran, Manav Dixit and Maggie Nguyen. The theme for this year’s induction ceremony was Beauty and the Beast.

“We chose the theme based on how good our decorative abilities could be and how intriguing and formal it seems,” remarked NHS Secretary Jonathan Phan.

First, NHS advisor Jason Dries gave a speech about the inductees. After, NHS advisor Terrie Higgins presented the members the cords that they will wear during graduation. The last part of the event included the inductees taking a candle and lighting it to represent their commitment to the NHS.

“It was a really special moment for me (when I lit up the candle) because I was so proud of everyone and how we organized this event in such a short amount of time,” stated NHS President Megan Dang.

State Assemblyman Kasen Chu was invited by Mr. Dries and NHS member Brandon Huynh, who interns for Mr. Chu, to attend the ceremony. Mr. Dries was the one who suggested that Mr. Chu should be a part of the ceremony. During the ceremony Mr. Chu greeted and posed with NHS members when they were called to receive their cords.

In order to be in the club, those that are interested must complete an application towards the end of their junior year. According to Ms. Higgins, the members are chosen by a committee of teachers.

“What we look for in applicants are good academic records, no excessive absences and tardies. The GPA requirement is at least 3.2. The next thing we look for is community involvement that can be verified. Last, students should have demonstrated a high level of leadership with clubs or outside organizations,” explained Ms. Higgins.

Once members are accepted into NHS, they must complete two community service projects; one being individual and one being a community service project involving all the members of the NHS. A future group project in discussion includes going to Alum Rock Park to pick up trash, which they plan to do every month.

“Melina, Tony and I go to Alum Rock library Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and we volunteer to help underprivileged children complete their homework,” commented Megan.

This club also teaches valuable life lessons for the students. Members are able to make an impact, not just for themselves, but for their community and for the world.

“NHS taught me that you have to uphold your nobility because you earn your position by excelling in these four categories. So throughout your life, you have to stay true to these traits and showcase them for others,” said NHS member Brandon Huynh.

“NHS taught me to carry the mentality that you can always find a solution for any problem that comes in your way,” added Megan.

A few notes to keep in mind before applying for NHS is to uphold the four values of scholarship, community engagement, leadership and character.

“The biggest piece of advice would be getting a letter of recommendation from the adult you worked under that verifies your leadership and the responsibilities,” advised Ms. Higgins.



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