By Katelynn Garcia

Stars for a Night is an annual tradition for Piedmont Hills took place last Friday in the L-Building. The show displayed many talents from all across the special education dept. In the two hour show, there were 18 performances, split by a 15-minute intermission.

The L-Building was filled with friends, family and staff taking pictures and taking videos of the performances. Those who came to the event were delighted by the performances, especially the second-act glow dance, which was presented by Ashleigh Moorman, Kaitlyn Lee, Javier Diaz, Aiden Marquez, Neveah Ortiz, and Satya Mulagada.

There was an introduction presented by principal Ginny Davis, followed by The Star Spangled Banner, which was sung by senior Brian Bui. The students had been practicing for the show since the beginning of the year.

“Stars for a night is a part of the abilities awareness component of PHHS’s specialized program. Our students perform to show that just like their regular peers, they too have talents to be proud of. Our students sing, dance, act and play an instrument,” explained special education teacher, Maria Casiano. “In the two hour show, there were 18 performances, split by a 15-minute intermission.”

”My heart gets really shaky when I performed,” exclaimed senior Ashleigh Moorman.

The show included ten vocal performances, six dance numbers, a piano piece, and even a play presented by special education teacher Nonglak Prasopsook’s class. They had been rehearsing it since November, and the play came out up to 20 minutes.

“I play the MC and Batman in the play,” shared senior Eltohn Sileestie.

Ashleigh and Eltohn performed in the play, which was a take on DC comics.

“They were excited and ready to go on stage,” said Ms. Prasopsook, “For them to practice things like speech is great, and it also teaches them responsibility.”

The stars for a night is also one of the major fundraisers to support the special education Dept.

“Some of our students were nervous, especially the freshmen, but I think most of them were really excited to show off their talents to their families, teachers, and friends,” added Ms. Casiano.

“Oh, I loved it, I was so glad to go,” exclaimed social science teacher Lynne Murray. The talent show has been a major success for 15 previous years, and is set to be a PHHS tradition for years to come.


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