ESUHSD hosts Very Special Prom and Jogathon

By Katie Tran & Nghi Nguyen


ESUHSD’s (East Side Union High School District) speech therapists host annual Jogathon on April 19 at Overfelt High School and Very Special Prom on Fri., May 10 at the Mexican Heritage Plaza.

The Jogathon is an adaptive PE (physical education) event, one of the Special Education program’s major fundraisers where family and friends of students pledge a donation for every lap they are able to run.

Prom is an event that can be seen as an exciting event to many high school students. It can also be seen as the highlight of their high school careers.

“The event is (about) giving our students with disabilities the same opportunities that their regular peers experience as a high school student, including social events such as prom,” says Special Ed teacher Maria Casiano.

Through Jogathon, students feel a sense of pride and accomplishment because they are able to show their families all their hard work and determination in running laps.

“With perseverance and hard work, you can do anything regardless of whether you have a disability or not,” says Special Ed teacher Ethyl Santos.

The Very Special Prom had the theme of Hollywood Stars. It consisted of dancing and eating in fine dining setting.

“The best part about this event is that our students dress up, and they can have a good time with their peers,” states Special Ed teacher Rowena Vocal.

About 100 teachers and staff from Piedmont Hills, Overfelt, Silver Creek and James Lick were in attendance for Jogathon. Other schools that participated in previous years include Santa Teresa, Yerba Buena and Evergreen, although they didn’t attend this year.

“With this event, students increase their gross motor skills, as well as social skills as they are able to meet other students from the other schools which have the specialized program,” says Mrs. Vocal.

A total of of about two-hundred students and staff came to the Very Special Prom from different schools that have specialized programs such as Silver Creek, Overfelt, James Lick, Yerba Buena, Santa Teresa, and Evergreen high school.

“We are hoping that this social event will continue year after year,” says Mrs. Casiano.

Shirts for the Jogathon event are donated by our very own Insane Ink to runners, which they’ve been doing for the past few years.

The importance of the Very Special Prom and Jogathon can be seen from the students that attended.

“I really loved going to these events, because I could be with my friends,” states Freshman Nevaeh Ortiz.



Fun events to go to in the summer

By Trisha Trinh


Do you feel like you’re not going to have anything to do over the summer? There are a couple events during the break to keep you feeling rejuvenated and great. You will be having the time of your life and feel as if you aren’t wasting your summer away cooped up in your room.

Fanime- Are you into Japanese animation and culture? This event has it all with guest speakers at panels, merchandise, artwork and cosplayers. The event was created by the fans themselves to bring a community closer with their passion and love for anime. It’s filled with fantastic activities to do and being able to interact with others that share the same interests with you. Fanime is on May 24-27, a way to fill your event with Japanese culture.

Corgi-Con- An event that happens every year at the beach in San Francisco where you can hang out with corgis of all kinds. The event is on June 15 and starts at 10 a.m. It is a great event for all dog lovers and a reason to get out the house. There will be competitions such as costume contests or even corgi races. A perfect way to bond of over loveable and friendly dogs.

San Diego Comic-Con- This convention is made for all comic book lovers and those who are into the pop culture. With special guests from movies like the “Avengers” or Star Wars” to ask burning questions you might have. The event includes artists from around the world to show off their expertise and artwork created for the fans. Cosplayers from all the popular shows and movies gathered at one place to show off their love and passion of their fandom. It is a spectacular event for all ages to experience and go to. Comic-Con starts on July 17-21 and it happens every year, so don’t miss it.

Outside Lands- A perfect way to end your summer with a bang by hearing your favorite music artists at the largest music festivals located in the heart of San Francisco. With headliners like “Childish Gambino” or “Flume”, this music festival will rock your heart out. Aside from the music, you can experience the taste of the Bay Area with a wide variety of food. Not to mention, a huge milk tea party for those boba lovers. If you are into music and food, this festival might be for you.

These events will keep you company in the summer if you cannot seem to find anything to do and to create memorable things along the way.


Competing for the MNT cause

By Julian Rosete

Key Club hosts their first ever MNT (Maternal Neonatal Tetanus) Olympics on Sunday March 31st.

“This is the first time Key Club has done the MNT Olympics, but hopefully it will become an annual event for our members,” says Key Club Publicist and MNT coordinator Emily Vu.

“It was an event that our fabulous MNT coordinators had been planning for a really long time, and seeing everyone participate and have a lot of fun at the event was pretty rewarding”, says Key Club president Kathy Ton

This event is for contestants to come out to compete and for spectators to come and watch. The event was run by MNT coordinators and Key Club officers at Cataldi Park. There will be many games for contestants to compete in such as three legged race, water balloon race, water toss and more.

“Our division goal for MNT was three thousand dollars and with the registration, raffle tickets and concessions sold at the event, MNT olympics pushed us over the three thousand mark,” says Kathy

The admission costed five dollars for those who chose to compete in the Olympics and three dollars for those who came to watch the event. All the money raised went to the Eliminate project to help fight the MNT disease.

MNT is a disease that causes mothers and newborn babies to experience convulsions and severe pain that can lead to involuntary death. This disease kills a baby every 15 minutes even though this could be prevented with three doses of vaccines that cost $1.80, according to Key Club. These vaccines can protect mothers and children for their rest of their lives.

The Eliminate project is a cause which not only helps to solve the MNT crisis, but also to provide clean water, nutrition’s and other vaccines. The overall goal of the Eliminate project is to raise 110 million dollars to support these causes.