Seniors dance away in ‘A Night to Remember’

By Amy Ton

Senior Ball is approaching in two days, and the seniors are excited to dance the night away. This Saturday, seniors will be gathering at the SCCC (Silver Creek Country Club) at 7:30 p.m. for A Night to Remember at their last high school dance.

The officer’s Class of 2019 officers have been planning the event since junior year, and after looking at various venues, ended up choosing the SCCC.

“The SCCC had plenty of space to host all of the students. It also has a balcony that has a very nice view,” said Secretary Shayna Tran.

The venue is relatively near and is located in the hills of Silver Creek, around a 15 minute drive from Piedmont. The venue overlooks a golf course that has a vast field of greenery.

“I think that the scenery and the venue itself will make for exceptional photos to capture memories of our senior prom,” said senior Thienkim Luu.

The theme of the Senior Ball this year is A Night to Remember, and was chosen through brainstorming and eliminating within the officers. The officers eventually chose the theme feeling that it was best fit for their Senior Ball this year.

“[With the theme] we are aiming for a flashback through high school. Memories!” explained President Jane Tran.

Along with planning the venue and theme the officers, also had to decide on the activities and food at prom.

“[There will be] flipbooks, a photo booth, and a DJ,” stated Jane.

There will not be dinner at the Senior Ball, but instead hors d’oeuvres, or appetizers, will be served.

The officers were not the only people making decisions. The seniors also had to choose their outfits, ties, and corsages along with places to take pre-prom pictures.

“[To me] finding a dress and dealing with organizing photoshoots was the most stressful” said Quynh Nguyen.

In the end all of the planning will pay off on the night of prom where they will be spending time with their friends.

“I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends and have a good night!” said Ricky Nguyen.

Class officers are excited to see the final result of all their work.

“I’m super excited for prom! Especially after all of the planning the officers had to do,” said Shayna.


Dangers of Meat Consumption

By: Rose Lu

In today’s society, meat is thought to be an essential part of our daily diets. While it may taste great and provide a lot of nutrients such as protein, people don’t often question where meat comes from or what it goes through to make it onto the table.

Many argue that meat is unhealthy for human consumption, as they are associated with all types of different diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Often, poultry also has added antibiotics and growth hormones that can affect and promote cancer growth.

Not only is meat unhealthy for the body, it is also inhumane and brutal to produce. According to the Huffington Post, animals are not allowed outside of their pens or cages unless it is slaughter day. Poultry animals are brought into the world solely to function as food later in their life.

Meat goes through a long process to get to our dinner tables. Factory farming, farms that raise large amounts of animals for food, encourages consumers to buy more meat products because they are so cheap. Factory farms barely make revenue off of selling these animals. Both the environment and the consumers facing the consequences, however.

It is extremely pricey to raise poultry for consumption. According to foot-tank, a site dedicated to tracking down the consequences of different subjects, the total amount of water needed to produce a pound of beef is 1,799 grams and 576 grams to produce a pound of pork. In comparison, soybeans take about 216 grams and corn takes about 108 grams. It also costs more resources to transport poultry across the world, which damages the environment in turn. Rather than feeding these plants to animals, humans could consume the plants directly rather than having an extra step.

There is another method that many small farms are adopting to make meat production less cruel and more sustainable. Rather than confining animals and forcing hormones into them, these farms are allowing these animals to free-range and adopt more natural diets.

Another solution to meat consumption is to become a vegetarian or vegan. A Harvard study has been proven that plant-based diets are healthier. Athletes such as Serena Williams have adopted a plant-based diet in order to perform better in their sports.



Take a Teacher to Lunch

by Devonna Dang


CSF will hold its annual Take a Teacher to Lunch at the PHHS Library this Wednesday to recognize all of the talented and dedicated staff on campus. All teachers and staff are invited to this event.

“We want as many teachers to come, because they have all done amazing things for the students at school, so we usually hand-deliver invitations to teachers and staff,” says Co-Publicist Lauren Lin.

CSF provides the main course. This year’s main course is from Jade China and includes Chow Mein, salad and Egg rolls.

The students who volunteer to participate in the event get split up into groups. Each group has a theme and is responsible for providing any decorations, appetizers and desserts. They decorate the meal based from a theme of their own choice.

“These themes are entirely up to them and often people have fun themes like Hawaiian, Disney, etc. The main goal of this event is both to thank our teachers and get to know them outside of a formal environment,” said Tech Chair Jerry Xu.

This tradition has become the heart of CSF, as the club revolves around academics and education.

“My favorite thing about Take a Teacher to Lunch is the fact that this event is a chance to say thank you to your teachers and really get a chance to know your teachers outside of school,” said Co-Secretary Ritika Randhawa.

“I probably don’t say it enough but I do appreciate everything my teachers do. They have all pushed me to be better and didn’t focus on getting only good grades but actually learning and retaining valuable information,” said Lauren.