Alumni Advice Or Alumni Advice for you

By Mansi Patel

“Be patient with yourself! College (and beyond) will be a totally unfamiliar environment, filled with unfamiliar people. It’s okay if you don’t immediately have your life figured out or find “your people”. College classes are challenging – work hard, but also recognize that it’s (alright) to stumble! With that, it’s also important to be comfortable with being outside your comfort zone. As cheesy as it sounds, you have to challenge yourself and create the opportunity with growth. If you always stay within your bubble, you might not get the chance to meet an awesome mentor who might connect you to your future job or a friendly person who might become your best friend. Post-high school is an exciting journey and full of so much potential – enjoy it while you can! Congrats class of 2019! You did it!” -Runi Tanna, Class of 2014


“College is essentially a hub of people your age, just as confused about life and their future as you are. Use this time to explore, try new things, and figure out what you like and dislike. Scared of changing your major? Don’t worry, there are so many people who do that. Worried about living on your own or with new people? It’s (alright), roommates are just temporary. Petrified of the freshman 15? It’s ok, you’ll figure out how to fit the gym into your routine. In time you’ll be (somewhat?) of a master at juggling classes and adulting in the real world. Just make sure you’re always being your authentic self and the right people and opportunities will come your way.” – Johanna Au, Class of 2014


Be sure to celebrate your successes AND your failures. Both are part of the process of you becoming the best version of yourself. College opens up so many doors for growth- take this chance to embrace all the opportunities that speak to you. Strive to recognize your fullest potential, but also don’t forget to have fun!!! Surround yourself with supportive people, try something new, make memories, and find what fuels your fire. You have gotten this far, and are about to go so much further. Congrats, Class of 2019! -Colette Truong, Class of 2014


With so many choices to make post-high school, it is completely normal to be frustrated and lost. The good news is that these feeling won’t disappear for awhile. Even now at my second full-time job out of college, I still don’t have everything figured out! Life is about making mistakes and learning from them, however you need to first take that step out of your comfort zone to welcome these new experiences. Advice will come from all directions, but always remember that these are YOUR choices and YOUR life. Pouring thousands of dollars and countless years studying for a degree that makes you miserable won’t make you happy down the line. Don’t turn down an opportunity if you haven’t given it a chance. Don’t forget to call your parents when you’re busy making new friends. But most importantly, don’t forget to take care of yourself! -Vy Pham, Class of 2014


“College is a fresh start. Make the best of it from day 1. Engage with your professors, go to office hours, and set up a dedicated study schedule with no procrastination. Manage your time in a manner that suits you and helps you succeed in your courses. Also take time to relax and de-stress.” -Parth Upadhyay, Class of 2014


“Don’t chase success, chase excellence, success will follow.” -Yash Tanna, Class of 2018


“AP classes are a scam, take cc (community college) courses” -Trucdan Nguyen, Class of 2018


“Take online classes at Foothill for free as a high school student” -Derek Tang, Class of 2018


“Try all the extracurriculars you’re interested in during freshman year, because time will fly! Step out of your comfort zone.” -Namrata Shetty, Class of 2018