Staff advice

SP.05 Staff Advice to Seniors

Compiled by Victor Xie


“Don’t be lazy. Many kids enjoy doing what they’re successful at but growth is only going to happen when they try the things they’re not good at.” -Ms. Lee

“Be yourself! Do not follow the crowd, but rather lead the crowd!” – Mr. Loggins

“So my best advice would be to save money. If you save money, money will save you. Also, don’t open up a ton of credit cards and make sure that you practice good financial habits so you’ll have good credit when you graduate college. If you have bad credit, you won’t get that dream job you went to school for. -Ms. Mitchell

“My advice is to take advantage of all the opportunities college has to offer, because college is a once in a lifetime opportunity you’ll never get back. I also advise that students take themselves out of their comfort zone and again take advantage of opportunities and experience that they might not otherwise have experienced in high school or beyond. Work first and play later!” – Ms. Kunkel

“Stay true to your goals and don’t lose sight of what they are. There will be a lot of distractions but as long as you stay true to what you want to do, you may change your mind, that’s ok, but just stay true to having a goal and seeing it through. Four years may seem like a lot of time, but really it’s not. Also, travel. I think it’s important to see the world from a different perspective.” – Ms. Pereira

“Now is the time to work hard. Enjoying life is great, but you’ve got to work hard now so later in life, you don’t have to work as hard.” – Ms. Lujan

“Don’t be afraid to try new things and go a different path than you thought you were supposed to go.” – Ms. Davis

“Don’t sell yourself short. Go for opportunities even if they seem to be more difficult than you’d like. And remember that most things require hard work and great time management.” – Ms. Murray


Take a Teacher to Lunch

by Devonna Dang


CSF will hold its annual Take a Teacher to Lunch at the PHHS Library this Wednesday to recognize all of the talented and dedicated staff on campus. All teachers and staff are invited to this event.

“We want as many teachers to come, because they have all done amazing things for the students at school, so we usually hand-deliver invitations to teachers and staff,” says Co-Publicist Lauren Lin.

CSF provides the main course. This year’s main course is from Jade China and includes Chow Mein, salad and Egg rolls.

The students who volunteer to participate in the event get split up into groups. Each group has a theme and is responsible for providing any decorations, appetizers and desserts. They decorate the meal based from a theme of their own choice.

“These themes are entirely up to them and often people have fun themes like Hawaiian, Disney, etc. The main goal of this event is both to thank our teachers and get to know them outside of a formal environment,” said Tech Chair Jerry Xu.

This tradition has become the heart of CSF, as the club revolves around academics and education.

“My favorite thing about Take a Teacher to Lunch is the fact that this event is a chance to say thank you to your teachers and really get a chance to know your teachers outside of school,” said Co-Secretary Ritika Randhawa.

“I probably don’t say it enough but I do appreciate everything my teachers do. They have all pushed me to be better and didn’t focus on getting only good grades but actually learning and retaining valuable information,” said Lauren.