H 2 OH NO! The infamous PHHS flood strikes yet again.

Photo courtesy of Elijah Macias

By Cynthia Tran

On Aug. 27, there was another flood that took place at Piedmont Hills High School. The pipes had broken for the third time, causing quite a commotion on campus.

The flood took place in the morning, granting the students an early release right after their first period.

“I was glad about leaving early because I was so tired already, even though we just had to go to first period.  I guess I’m just always tired,” explained junior Allison Pereira.

The situation was quickly resolved in order for school to resume the following day.  However, having an early release was a relief for the students.

“I went out to eat and got to hang out with my friends since we got out early,” said junior Hannah Tong.  Tests and classwork that day also had to be postponed, which students were glad to hear as well.

“We basically missed a whole day since we only had to go to one period and it was great,” explained junior Kenny Tran.  “I really wish there’s another flood, especially if I have a test or anything I’m not prepared for, which is often.”

Due to the history of floods at Piedmont Hills, students constantly hope there are more in the future for early release.

Even though there was a flood due to broken pipes, the students didn’t mind at all.  “All that matters is that we got to get out early and sleep,” said junior Nicholas Yabumoto.


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