Sculpture class skypes with UCLA. Ms. Rubay

LET’S SKYPE! Students of sculpture class engage deeply into the video call with the director.

by Yen Linh Duong

As the due date for college application was drawing near, many thoughts troubled the minds of seniors.  Having to not only keep up their grades, they also faced some of the most important decision-making moments of their lives accompanied with the never-ending application, leaving them no time to even breathe.  Luckily, the sculpture class of N. Rubay were able to receive help for college directly from the UCLA Art Director Laura Young through Skype.  Contacted by senior Tim Vo, a student of the class, Ms. Young proposed to Skype with the class on Oct. 14.

“Originally I called and asked her if I could just please have a representative of the UCLA Art come to my school and talk to my classmates.  But unfortunately, they couldn’t do that,” recalls Tim.  “So Laura ultimately resorts to the final and biggest one, which was skyping my whole class.  She actually offers to do that, so that was such a great idea and it just shows how generous she was to get out of her way to do this for us.”

During the Skype call, Ms. Young kindly answered all of the questions asked by the students, helping them as much as she could in one full hour of class.

“She talks a lot about what you need in order to apply to UCLA, as far as the art program goes, and she discusses various portfolio requirements, about campus, what it was like, how impacted the art program was.  She covered everything in the form of what the art program is pretty much like,” describes junior Sierra Sharp.

Through the conversation, Ms. Young has ignited the passion for art in the students and inspired many to pursue a major in art as well as applying for the art program at UCLA.

“It’s really reassuring because you have someone directly from the admission office to tell you what to do and what to expect for you to apply for the art major there because UCLA is such an intimidating school, but she made it sound so welcoming.  I would definitely go there,” reflects senior Iris Chiang.



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