By Angel Palomino

As the yearly Martin Luther King contest comes around again, students are surprised at what they are capable of.

“(Science teacher Matthew) Trask had his science class do the contest last year and they got first place for the school,” expresses English teacher Nancy Kennett.

Every year the contest will accept an essay, poem, drawing or a short performance (stills, animation, live action music).  Last year Mr. Trask made his science class participate in the contest by having the students write essays that related to science.

“I wanted to inspire my students to be better science writers, and better communicators, and they were very positive…they know how to write an essay and worked hard, and they also spent a lot of time in the computer labs,” jokes Mr. Trask towards his participation last year.  Last year’s winner for Piedmont Hills was senior Jade Tran from Mr. Trask’s third period.

“I’m grateful I was able to share my appreciation for Martin Luther King, meet talented people from other schools at the awarding ceremony and see their amazing work,” states Jade Tran.

“Even though this year is more challenging, I’m still going to do it,” replies Mr. Trask

“It’s been a tradition in the district for over 30 years,” exclaims art teacher Noreen Rubay.  “It’s nice to have some applications from students who aren’t in your art class, and that most students act anxious when they turn it in, but they are surprised when they win.”

“Most students act anxious, happy when they win,” states art teacher Van Nguyen.  “The Art Department receives somewhere around 12 through 15 applications (every year).”

This contest will have a district prize of $250 and a school prize of $100 for first place and $75 for second place.  The submission due date is next Monday and first place winners will be submitted to the District’s Office Mon., Nov. 23.


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