S.07.Girls Volleyball.Sommer Fowler

BUMP SET SPIKE Freshman Kaitlyn Seawright refuses to let the ball drop.

Photo: Rosa Lin

By Sommer Fowler

Girls Volleyball ended their season with a score of 3-0 against Evergreen Valley in a home game on Nov. 5.  Varsity girls will continue to CCS (Central Coast Section) as league champions.

The team held strong throughout the season and lost only one game at the beginning of the season to Del Mar.  The girls faced Del Mar again and gained victory, never losing a game since.  The team currently has an 11 game winning streak.

“Ever since then we’ve been strolling along through the season,” explains varsity player Kiane Floyd.  “Coming back and beating them was a big confidence boost”.

The players stress the importance of being a single united team in order to keep their winning streak alive. “I think that we had really good team chemistry,” comments varsity player Allison Pereira.  The team is always looking to improve and perfect, so they’re “still working on [their] communication” reveals Floyd.

Coach Beti Nham have pushed the girls through training and led them to success using careful strategy. “The coaches are our biggest cheerleaders and are there to watch us succeed throughout our season,” remarks Varsity player Ivy Johnson.

Many players were returnees of the last season, making it easy to predict the team’s skill early in the season.  “It was a well prepared season,” acknowledges Floyd, “we already knew from the start what our season was going to look like.  We only lost about three seniors,” explains Pereira.

The girls are currently gearing toward CCS, hoping to take the title.  They now face the challenge of getting into the CCS mindset after spending a season focused on league championships.  “We want to win CCS for sure,” says Pereira. The first goal is to win the first round and “see what happens from there”.

The team is not taking training for CCS lightly.  In addition to regular practice, the girls “watch our opponents’ film to see how they play so we know how to play stronger against them” reveals Johnson.

Individual players also have some goals of their own they wish to accomplish. Floyd is hoping to “end (her) season very well. (She) really wants to get her name on that banner in the gym”.

CCS began Wednesday, Nov. 11 in the PHHS gym 7pm.


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