By Hannah Tong

F.03. Winter Rally.Hannah.Angelina Nguyen

Photo caption: WATCH ME! Indian Club performs their dance at the winter rally.

As the long winter break finally approaches, Piedmont Hills finished off the holiday season with a final winter rally, holiday-themed spirit days and a memorable winter ball.

Starting from Mon., Nov. 30 to Fri., Dec. 4, ASB created festive spirit days for the school to assure that the enthusiasm started early.  Students were able to participate in Fuzzy Socks Monday, Toys Tuesday, Ugly Sweater Wednesday, Santa Thursday and Class Color Friday.

These spirit days were a perfect way to kick off the chilly winter weather.

However, ASB did not end it all there.

On Fri., Dec. 4, all the students and staff came together to pull off one last rally for the semester.

Hints of yellow, orange, green and purple could be seen in the stands as the different classes squeezed into the gym.

After a warm welcome from Pep Commissioner Jordan Covington, all the classes were ready to watch what the last rally had prepared from them.

The rally started off with junior Rianna Gallardo singing the National Anthem.

Afterwards, three dance clubs, Dance Junkies, Indian Club and Seoul Xtreme Choreography, who each performed their own self-choreographed dance, showed off their moves in which they had been working hard on all semester long.

Aside from the rally, the students of Piedmont Hills also originally planned on coming together one last time to host its last and final dance of the semester, the “SnowBall” on Sat., Dec. 5.

However due to the few tickets sold, the dance had to be cancelled.

In the end, Piedmont Hills had the spirit days to thank for commencing the holiday season.

“Fuzzy socks, toys, ugly sweaters, and the idea of Santa bring back warm, fuzzy memories of the wintery Christmas feeling!” exclaims Sophomore Class President Natalie Yeh.

In addition to winter rally, Leadership collaborated together to perform their Charlie Brown Christmas skit.

During the plot, each class raised their lights from their phones to compete for the class with the best “Christmas lights”.

Lastly, before finishing off the rally with the final class call, ASB put together a Christmas game where all the classes turned on their competitive side and fought to become the winner of the class competition.

Three participants from each class raced to wrap their “Christmas tree”, who was really just one of the three students, the fastest with streamers to become the winner.

“Surprisingly, it was a lot harder than it looked, making sure the streamers wouldn’t rip,” describes junior Martin Ruiz.   “I had a lot of fun though!”

With all these winter activities in one week, students were able to relieve the stress of finals from their shoulders.

“I’m just [going to] do my best for finals weeks and enjoy my Christmas break,” expresses senior Jeffrey Tran. “I’ve been looking forward to that ever since Thanksgiving break!”

In all, Piedmont Hills closes the 2015 school year with the incoming start of the joyful and holiday season.


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