By Angel Palomino

She’s the First

She’s the First is a club that gives scholarships to young girls in low-income countries such as China and India.  They help these girls be the first in their families to go to college, and they are part of the larger organization called She’s the First.  They also participate in fundraising events to raise money for the scholarships.


Green Fingers

This new club looks to beautify Piedmont Hills by plantings plants and flowers inside and around campus and teach about various plant-related topics.  During the meetings, the club also tells several gardening jokes and gives an overview of what to expect later on.  The club’s final goal is to have a functional school garden on the campus.


Tea Club
A club that’s all about the tea.  During meetings, Tea Club gives facts of the week about tea. Then, the members drink, and sip some tea.  You can bring a tea bag to use and sip along other tea-drinkers. In addition, there are more activities involved in the club, besides only sipping some tea.


Mock Trial

A new prestigious club that specializes in practicing debates and court cases. The club members participate in a nationwide competition in which the shall defend, prosecute, and argue a fictional story.  Also in this organization, there are witnesses, prosecutors, defense, judge, jury, clerk and everyone else who is needed in a court.  This club competes with other schools, and every member in the club plays a role in the cases.


Bring Change to Mind

A new club that wants to end stigma around mental illness.  The members work to raise awareness about mental illness, and participate in public events, and to learn about various differences of mental illnesses.


Spirit Club

Spirit Club is a club that acts in as the new cheer squad during home games for sports such as Football and Basketball at Piedmont Hills High.  It is a mix of students at Piedmont ranging from seniors to freshmen.  This club’s goal is to boost spirit and cheer at the sport games, so they don’t drag on or become quiet.

Graphics by Anthony Ta

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