SONIC BOOM! Senior Jonathan Chu bolts through CCS. 

By Vivian Lin

On Nov. 12, fifteen members of the Cross Country team competed in the CCS (Central Coast Section) race in Belmont, Calif. at Crystal Springs.  Eight runners from the Varsity Girls’ team and seven runners from the Varsity Boys’ ran at the competition.

The competition started at 11am and ended at 2:30pm, with the boys’ race starting at 12:20pm and the girls’ starting at 12:50pm.

The course ran for three miles: the first mile consisted of downhill and uphill terrain, the second mile of flat land and rolling hills and the third mile of rolling hills.

“They all ran the course with no problem so I think it went well.  Everyone felt that they could have done better, but I really love how they went out and ran their best,” exclaimed manager Elaine Luong.

Photography teacher and Cross Country coach Ian Tippetts has been training the team intensely for the big day by adding several weeks more to the cross country season just for their practice sessions.

CCS practices were also handled differently than normal season training, with longer runs and harder sets.  Because the number of runners was cut down to fifteen, training became a lot more personal as well.

“CCS training is a little different because Mr. Tippetts focuses on us more than the whole group itself, so we get more individual coaching,” explained sophomore Samantha Tran.

Running for the Varsity team proved to be a challenge for some, but runners overcame their obstacles through hard work and determination.

“I’m a JV girl that went up to Varsity.  (The Varsity runners) run faster than I do during practice so I’m running faster during practice and it’s pretty hard,” revealed junior Cindy Hoang.

“Last year I didn’t race on Varsity.  I liked racing on varsity (this year) and racing with other people.  They pushed me to be faster, so it was a good experience,” commented sophomore Henry Zheng.

The Varsity team also had many bonding events, like getting dinner after runs and having rap battles with other team members during Team Night which was on the eve of CCS.

“(CCS) was kind of sad because it was the last race of my high school career.  What I’ll miss the most is the environment, the good attitudes,” reminisced Varsity Boys Captain Austin Rubalcava.


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