INTERACT AREA 6 Students from various districts come together for a common cause. 

By Vivian Lin

Members of Interact’s District 5170 gathered at Independence High School to celebrate the club’s annual FLC (Fall Leadership Conference) on Oct. 9.

The event attracts over 4,000 members from across the Bay Area every year to engage in workshops and activities, meet new people and learn about the community and international projects for the year.

“It’s just really cool to see so many passionate people come together,” exclaimed Secretary Edward Chew.

During FLC, students worked together to make packages of crafts projects for kids in need and participated in workshops that encouraged leadership and responsibility.

Last year’s community project was “Under One Roof”, a project that helped alleviate homelessness in the San Jose area by distributing lunches and making care packages.  “Hello My Name Is”, last year’s international project, helped stop human trafficking by hosting a clothes drive for trafficking survivors and raising money through shows and fundraisers.

“FLC really sets the tone for the new year and puts everyone in that service mindset.   It serves as a sort of reminder that high schoolers can make a difference within their community, and even the world,” elaborated Edward.

This year’s community project is “Circle Of Love”, focusing on self love and breaking stigmas against mental illnesses.  Interact’s international project this year is “Me The Human”, a project that helps bring Syrian refugees in the Bay Area to a safe place while providing food and shelter to refugees around the world.

“I think these projects are really awesome and I’m very excited to take on these challenges in order to achieve our goals,” commented Youth Act Coordinator Tommie Huynh.


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