SARDINES SARDINES! The cast of “Noises Off” performs “Nothing On.”

By Rianna Gallardo and Hannah Tong

From Nov. 9 to Nov. 12, the PHHS Drama Department presented the school with their fall play “Noises Off.”

“Noises Off is one of the most complicated farces ever written,” informs drama teacher Anna Woods.  “It’s a play within a play. The actors aren’t just playing one role; they’re playing two.”

Students act as the characters in a play titled “Nothing On.”  Throughout the storyline, problems occur everywhere, beginning from wardrobe malfunctions to relationship issues.  Written as a farce, the comedic play puts actors in improbable situations and portrays the ongoing dread of pursuing perfect performance.

“There’s a lot of action going on.  We have characters falling down stairs and getting bloody noses,” laughs sophomore and actress Rachel Nguyen.

The drama cast hopes to bring laughter to everyone with this lighthearted piece.

“We’re just trying to crack a smile,” expresses actor and senior Rahul Negi.

Because student actors played as actors themselves, preparation for this show was much different than that of past plays.  This is also the first time the drama department introduced a two-story set, which spun in a counterclockwise circle, and displayed the backstage scene of “Nothing On.”

“The set was probably one of the best sets the drama department has ever built,” claims Stage Manager Anthea Nyako.

The show was double casted, each show alternating between two different groups of actors.  The two casts were labeled “Oxfam” and “Sardines.”

“I love the rush of performing and the reaction of the crowd,” admits Rachel, who was a part of the Oxfam cast.

“It’s a very rewarding experience,” claims junior and actor Jaydin Geer.  “You’ll learn to appreciate theater for what it truly is.”


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