By Bernice Ou-Yang

Since Oct. 29, One Way Christian Club has placed many boxes inside classrooms throughout the school for OCC (Operation Christmas Child).  OCC was brought up to the club by their former advisor.  By donating toys, educational utensils and personal hygiene products, the students of PHHS are donating to help needy children around the world.

“We put (the donated items) in shoe boxes, and then we give them to nearby churches that are doing the same to ship the boxes,” says Vice President Jeremiah Porda.  The organization in charge of the OCC has its own shoe boxes.  The club had ordered many of those boxes, hoping to fill each shoe box.  They then drop it off at a church, who ships it to a processing center where volunteers inspect and prepare the boxes for international inspection.  Those boxes are shipped to different countries where they are distributed to the children there.

“This year, we have decided to try to involve the entire school, in hopes that we can collect more donations” states Co-President Gabi Ng.  In the previous years, the club’s OCC didn’t involve the entire school.  The officers and members wanted everyone in the school to be able to participate, hoping that this will also get more donations to pack into boxes for those children.

“I hope to see many children smiling from these gifts and hope that many of PHHS students participated too,” wishes Jeremiah.  The officers and the members of the club all wish and hope that these donations will help make those children happy and show them that there are people in this world that care.


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