By Mae Castellano

With an hour and a half practices, the Girls’ Basketball team is preparing for the upcoming season.  The team does defensive drills like shells, basic skills such as layups, and conditions  regularly.

“Conditioning is done on a daily basis because we always run several liners throughout practice,” provided JV Center Aliyah Davis.  The team goes to the weight room every Saturday as well for additional training.

“We went to CCS (Central Coast Section),” claimed Varsity Point Guard Katie Yamashita. “I think we got out in the second round, but it was still a really big accomplishment.”

For this upcoming season, some of the girls have hopes to be undefeated.  With the practices preparing the team for season, Yamashita thinks starting off with more warm-ups rather than getting straight into the defensive drills would improve their skills.

The team, however, is supportive and happy; there’s no negativity within the team.

“I think we have good teamwork because we’re all friends,” stated JV Power Forward Tasha Nguyen.  The girls have a close relationship with each other, and there’s strong teamwork between them.  “I think we have all around great players,” Nguyen continued.

“I’m expecting to grow, get better as a team, have fun, and win!” exclaimed Davis.  She shares this similar idea with Nguyen who is expecting growth and improvement within the team.

Although the team did lose six starting seniors from last year, the team seems to be improving and working better as a whole.

“The games are pretty intense on and off the court,” commented Nguyen.  They also generally turn out fun for the team as well.


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