By Syed Rahim

This Saturday, Piedmont Hills plans to host its traditional Sadie Hawkins dance. The dance is scheduled to take place in the L Building at 7pm.  Piedmont Hills ASB has decided on a Hawaiian theme for this year’s event, focusing on good vibes and the nice weather.

In recent years, the Sadies dance has been cancelled due to low ticket sales.  This year, however, ASB Treasurer Brandon Dimapasoc hopes that students will buy enough tickets in order to host the dance.

“We just really want to have as much attendance as possible because it’s something that we haven’t had for a while,” states Brandon. “We want to reintroduce it because it’ll be a really fun dance.”

The money raised from Sadies goes to events like Homecoming and Fantastics, as well as other dances.  If more students buy tickets for Sadies, the school can spend more money on these events, and ultimately host better functions.

The Sadie Hawkins dance is based off of the popular early 20th century comic strip, “Li’l Abner,” in which unmarried women chased bachelors for their hand in marriage.

The first known occurrence of the dance took place on Nov. 9, 1938.  Within two decades, Sadie Hawkins was celebrated at over 40,000 different venues.

As it spread across the nation, it began to take on new names. In San Antonio, Texas, it’s known as the “Ladies Choice Dance,” and in Dearborn, Mich., it’s called the “Sponge Dance.” IN Western US, it is aslo called “MORPs,” which is prom spelled backwards.

By defying traditional gender expectations, the Sadie Hawkins dance became a tool to empower women. It became a way for girls to break free from their domestic chains.

Despite the relevant symbolism of Sadies, Piedmont Hills has a history of cancelling this iconic dance. At press time, the dance is still scheduled to happen, but there is a possibility of cancellation.


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