By Phuong Nguyen

On Jan. 14, VSA (Vietnamese Student Association) hosted its annual cultural show.  It presented a variety of performances such as skits, singing, umbrella dancing, hat dancing, magic tricks, and ended with a fashion show and a waltz exclusively for VSA officers.

Usually, Vietnamese teacher and VSA advisor Lily Lam’s Vietnamese 3 and 4 classes have their own cultural show in December, while VSA’s show is in May.  However, this year, her classes performed with VSA as well.

“This year, it was harder because Drama took up a lot of our tentative performance days so we had to book an earlier show.  This year, we have (the VSA show) in January when usually we have it in May,” reveals historian and publicist Cindy Nguyen.

The theme this year was “Under A Thousand Stars.”

“Before, we would come up with ideas (for the theme of the show) within the cabinet and then have a vote on it within the cabinet,” discloses Co-President Roselyn Mai.  “But this year, we thought of them and posted on our group page on Facebook and let the members decide what they would like to do.”

After choosing the theme, the VSA club officers determined practice dates and started preparing for the upcoming show with Ms. Lam’s Vietnamese 2, 3 and 4 classes.

“At first, it’s really hard because your group has to come up with ideas and make it fit into the time limit.  But then once you get everything settled and start practicing, it becomes easier because it’s like you’re completing a plan,” comments junior Thy Tran Hoang, who is currently in Ms. Lam’s Vietnamese 4 class.

The officer waltz was first added in last year’s VSA show.

“My most memorable moment was either the waltz or the ending because the senior speeches always bring us officers (and) the seniors to tears,” reminisces Co-President Lyann Bui.

“The moment before the curtains open (was the most memorable to me).  When you’re in the back and setting up, you get this anxiety that comes along with you throughout the performance, but you don’t realize it until the end,” explains Thy.

“At the end (of the show), the parents really enjoy seeing (their kids onstage). I like it when the shy (kid) gets to be on the stage,” smiles Ms. Lam.


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