By Emilie Chau

Piedmont Hills’ Interact and Key Club hosted their annual Interkey Pajama Jam on Feb. 17 in the library.  The event included food and drinks, a monster-themed photobooth, a screening of Monsters University and fun games in order in order to strengthen the bond between the two clubs and to raise money for each club’s project.  The event lasted from 4 pm to 8 pm and admission was $1.

The clubs held an Interkey Spirit Week from Feb. 13 to Feb. 17 in order to build up the excitement for the Interkey Pajama Jam. Monday was Monsters Day, Tuesday was Service Day, Wednesday was Vakeyta Day, Thursday was Me, The Human Can Eliminate Day and Friday, the day of the event, was Pajama Day.

“The officers came together and we divided the work into different committees,” explains Key Club Senior Representative Brandon Dimapasoc on how they prepared for the event.

Like previous years, the purpose of the event was to raise money for each club’s project and to strengthen the bond between the two clubs.

“(We wanted to) foster bonds between Interact and Key because we are often seen as rival clubs but that is not the point of our mission,” comments Interact Co-President Tiffany Nguyen. “We are both clubs who really value service so this event was a way for members of both clubs to really get to know each other.”

Key Club’s Eliminate Project is to raise funds to fight MNT (maternal neonatal tetanus), a disease that “steals the lives of nearly 49,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year,” according to the club’s website.  Newborns suffer from extreme pain and sensitivity to light and touch due to the disease.  The Eliminate Project is also one of UNICEF’s projects for this year.

Interact’s Me The Human project aims to raise money for the Syrian Refugee Crisis, the “biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time,” according to the Interact District 5170 website.

“The purpose was to raise money for Interact’s project, Me The Human, and Key’s project, the Eliminate Project,” explains Brandon.  “We also wanted to foster friendship and partnership between Interact and Key.”

At the event, members played board games and ice-breakers in order to cozy up before watching Monsters University.  The clubs also sold concessions such as milk tea from Cool Tea Bar and spam musubi.

The clubs were able to raise $177 from the event.


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