By Hannah Tong

The Varsity Softball team continued to swing through its season.

The team goal for this year is to maintain a winning record and to make it to CCS (Central Coast Section), advancing further than they did the year before.

As the season started, the team chemistry was not as strong as it could have been. Communication was one of their weaknesses with all the new faces and members on the team.

To improve the bonds between one another, the team played softball-related games the day after a good game. The games brought out the competitiveness of each teammate and further brought together the girls.

“The closeness of the team helps us on the field because we need to trust on another level to play as a team,” stated Cabanayan.

During practices, the team did a lot of basic drills. The drills included front hand, back hand and driving their hands through the ball. On the field, they did hand-eye drills and a lot of reps for grounders.

The team’s biggest competitor was against Silver Creek High School. They had aggressive hitters and a strong infield. The team hoped to shut them down with their strong defense, preventing them to score runs.

Some of the senior girls were looking forward to play in college. However, because high school softball does not really help players work towards those college careers, many of the girls played in an outside league, also known as travel ball, where college recruiters were more frequently scouting and spectating the players.

“I plan to play in college, whether that be at a JC (junior college) or at a 4-year,” stated Cabanayan.

Playing on an outside league helped the girls improve their game for school because they faced teams more competitive than that of the high school softball level. As these girls worked on more advanced skills, they brought it back to school to help the Piedmont Hills team altogether.

The current record of the team is 3-4 overall and 1-1 for league.


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