By Michelle Lin

Over halfway through its season, the Piedmont Hills Track and Field team finished its meet last Thursday at Pioneer High School. While girls’ track and field lost, the boys had won in their respective events.

“The girls’ team is smaller, making it harder to win as we don’t necessarily have enough competitors for each event,” comments sophomore Tim Wang. “But we do have a lot of talented runners in the girls’ team.”

Along with a new coach, the members have had new changes to their warm-ups to show other schools how close they all are as a team.

“We started doing this new thing where we do our warm-ups together,” explains senior Steven Nguyen. “At first, we used to do our own thing, but now, we do a lap or two around the track together, and then we go on the grass and go to a circle and do stretches.”

In hopes of someday making it to CCS (Central Coast Section), members have been training hard in their respective events, especially since no one from last year was able to advance further than the Finals.

“This year, we have a lot more people coming out, and we have a lot of runners that can really make it far,” admits captain Christina Vu. “We have more of a team mindset, where we’re all there for each other.”

Despite this team mindset, however, members struggle to maintain the same focus in practices as in games.

“Some challenges all of face is mentally,” says Vu. “We just need to be there, have the same intensity as during practice as when we compete.”

Students practice every day of the week, except on Thursdays, in which they have meets against other schools.

The team’s final meet of the season will be on Thurs., April 27 at Andrew Hill High School.


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