By Daniel Kokoski

Last Friday, Piedmont Hills’ Key Club attended the 71st annual DCON (District Convention) at the Anaheim Convention Center over a course of three days.

Tears of joy and sadness trickled down members’ faces as they bid farewell to the preceding term and celebrate the beginning of the new 2017-2018 term.

“DCON is essentially like a farewell party and a welcome party at the same time,” summarizes President Nicky Nguyen.

As the new term is welcomed, the preceding cabinet of officers retires and the new cabinet is installed.  The Governor’s Ball is a significant component of this process, as the next CNH (California-Nevada-Hawaii) District Governor is elected.  When the nominee is chosen, the newly-elected District Governor gives a speech, and members begin to become acquainted with the governor.

Along with the Governor’s Ball, Key Club members are recognized for their efforts and contributions to the club with awards such as Distinguished President and Members of the Year.  Remarkably, DCON has recognized Piedmont Hills’ Key Club as a Distinguished Club for the fifth year in a row and commemorated Secretary Jason Vu as a Distinguished Secretary for his indomitable commitment to service.

The convention also holds workshops that develop leadership skills, such as a College 101 workshop and a workshop on teamwork.  Members also participate in bonding activities and icebreakers with others from all over the CNH district, making new friends and memories.

Overall, these activities allow members to acquire helpful social and problem-solving skills that can become very useful in the future.

“DCON is a really good opportunity to get to know a lot of different people from all over California, Nevada and Hawaii,” says Activities Coordinator Megan Luong.  “I am very excited to go since this is my first time.”

This gathering has always remained a traditional event for Key Club every year. Members acquire useful techniques and meaningful memories from the experience, and many cite DCON as a highlight in their Key Club careers. The convention for many members is an emotional roller-coaster of joyous, yet sometimes melancholic, moments.

“My experience from last year taught me about what it means to be a good leader and how to reach out to members,” Jason fondly reminisces. “It was a really emotional and memorable experience for me because I got to celebrate the end of the term with some of my best friends, and that is why I am going again this year.”

DCON is one of many events that keeps Key Club members across the district closely knit together. It contributes to the familial atmosphere, strengthening their bonds and upholding values of passion and service.

“Being able to see members slowly growing to love community service and Key Club is really something that is super rewarding, especially when they have fun at events that we participate in,” remarks Megan.


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