By Angel Palomino

Last Wednesday, CSF (California Scholarship Federation) held its annual Take your Teacher to Lunch event in the library.

After the 6th bell rang, CSF members and officers alike made a beeline to the library to set up the groups’ respective tables. Then, teachers excitedly trickled into the dining area to participate once again in the beloved event.

“I always love (the lunch), and I loved the idea that I could talk to CSF students where I couldn’t normally be able to.  It’s all in a relaxed setting,” recalled former business teacher Kennett Jackson.  “I’d love to always talk to them about college and their futures.”

At the lunch, small groups of teachers, CSF members and volunteers sat at several themed tables that served anything from spam musubi, ice cream sandwiches, guava juice, funnel cakes, cupcakes, cranberry pie strawberry shortcake, apple juice, lemonade, fruits and much more.

This year’s successful event is just the latest of a longstanding tradition within the club to express gratitude for the hard work and constant support that teachers show students.

“About 35 years ago, (Counselor) Brunolli started this.  I believed his purpose was to take the academic students, put them in an adult setting, and help them be able to learn etiquette,” explains English teacher and CSF advisor Nancy Kennett.  “It was small talk, to have them ‘chat somebody up’ (and) make children more well-rounded.”

Even though the event is called Take Your Teacher to Lunch, the event consists of every faculty member of the campus, including counselors and administrative staff.

“I think it’s great, and the teachers are really grateful.  Teachers should be appreciated, and this really shows it,” says Ms. Kennett.

The event allows students and teachers to interact outside of just a classroom environment.

“I enjoyed telling my stories, it was to let students know me, and I am just able to be myself, not be only teacher Loggins” describes history teacher Jeff Loggins.

Every group chose their own theme and planned their tables accordingly. With an array of colorful tablecloths and carefully crafted centerpieces, the tables were transformed into festive dining areas.

“We had good conversations, with their plans for college,” remembers Spanish teacher Claire Gonzalez. “It’s nice to spend time with them to plan for their future and where they want to go.”

This was the second year that CSF added a salad bar before the main meal.

“I just love it.  It’s really fun and the teachers love it, because they get a chance to talk to the students,” expresses English teacher and CSF advisor Peggy Lee. “It lets the students know their teachers personally.”


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