By Mae Castellano

With food and games, Insane Ink’s Family Fun Night, held in the Piedmont Hills’ theater on April 27, was filled with cheer from children and adults.
“(Family Fun Night) was absolutely amazing!” exclaimed Business Dept. Co-Chairman Diane Pereira. “It was a feel good event. Everyone was just happy to be there, everyone was having fun and nothing went wrong.”
The whole idea of Family Fun Night was to bring families together and to have a good time through games and snacks.
But before the fun could begin, Insane Ink prepared the theater for the upcoming fun-filled night by putting the decorations up and setting up the food and tables.
“I was in charge of putting everything together,” said Insane Ink member Matthew Hoang. “I had to make sure all the food and tables were set up in the theater and make sure everything was decorated.”
Italian was served for dinner: lasagna, garlic bread and some salads. Desserts, such as cotton candy, ice cream sundaes and popcorn, were given out as well.
Insane Ink even had a photobooth supplied for the event-goers to remember their night.
“The photobooth was amazing!” expressed sophomore Amy Ton, who attended the event. “I actually didn’t expect there to be a photobooth. I just thought there’d be someone taking pictures.”
The fun could was also found within the games: a trivia Kahoot, bingo, limbo and dancing.
“Limbo was interesting because the guys were tall but were still able to get under the bar (when it was really low),” added Amy.
“Kahoot was really, really fun. After the answers were shown, (the players) would go crazy,” mentioned Matthew.
Donating just $1 allowed students, teachers and parents to be a part of the fun. Even donating items that were no longer needed would have sufficed.
All the proceeds raised from Family Fun Night went to the organization ACT4E (Active Community Thoughtfulness for Everyone). ACT4E specifically helps homeless people in the community. The donations of clothing, small snacks and toiletries had huge impacts.
“Insane Ink was not part of the donation, (all donations were) made directly to the organization,” provided Ms. Pereira. “It was over 300 dollars that we were able to get in donations plus over 20 boxes pawcked with supplies to make hygiene kits for the homeless.”
This year’s Family Fun Night was actually the first one in four years.
“The reason we haven’t done it in four years is because Mr. Jackson was the person in charge four years ago, and he retired. Even though the students do a lot of the work, there needs to be an adult to guide them,” reveals Ms. Pereira, who guided Insane Ink with executing this event. ♦


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