By Erica Xie

Senior Ball, Tale as Old as Time, a Beauty and the Beast themed prom, is tomorrow at the Glass House in Downtown San Jose from 7pm to 11pm.
“We chose this venue because it was so close to home and it’s easier to get there without paying extra for buses,” clarifies Senior Class President Jennifer Lai. “The venue gave us two dates and one of them was during AP exams, so we chose to have a later prom.”
Although the venue is so close, it’s not a bad location.
“I love the location of senior prom—it’s conveniently next to a lot of restaurants downtown,” comments senior Angela Du.
Even though Piedmont Hill’s senior prom is so late, there is a lot to look forward to. There will be a flip book, a photobooth, a fortune teller and a chocolate fountain, providing a variety of activities to enjoy at prom.
“The fortune teller tells your fortune using mahjong,” exclaims Jennifer. “We wanted another activity that was just taking photos and we found a fortune teller.”
Alongside these amenities, there are also delicious hors d’oeuvres, better known as appetizers, which include roasted filet mignon bernaise with arugula, samosas-curry potatoes and teriyaki glazed grilled salmon skewers.
The decorations are nothing to pass over lightly either.
“The decorations for Beauty and the Beast are old fashioned, and I think it contrasts the modernness of the Glass House well,” says Jennifer.
In line for Prom King and Queen we have Krysten Salas and Destine Lamonia, Leon Hsieh and Elyse Nguyen and Ryan Nguyen and Jordan Nguyen.
Alongside preparing for prom, there has also been a prom ask contest where people post videos of their prom asks and the best one get free tickets to prom with their partner.
This years winners are seniors Darian Nguyen and Lily Do. Darian asked his girlfriend by playing a violin song for her that was a favorite of them both and a bouquet of flowers.
“(On advice for a promposal) No one’s ever done anything great by expecting it to be great,” reveals Darian. “My tip would be, just focus on making the best promposal for your partner. Make it all about them, and if they like it hopefully others will too.” ♦


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