By David Shih

Are you looking to ask that special someone to trick or treating with you? I got you some pickup lines you can use.

  1. I don’t have a costume for Halloween, can I go as your boyfriend?
  2. You’re the most boo-tiful ghost I’ve seen all night.
  3. You must be Freddy Krueger, because you’ve been running through my dreams all night long.
  4. I don’t know what the trick is, but you look like a treat.
  5. I don’t want your candy but I want you as a treat.
  6. Are you dressed up as Beyoncé because you look booti-ful.
  7. Why’d you dress up as a princess when you could have came in plain clothes and still be the most beautiful girl in here?
  8. Are you being a ghost for Halloween or you just want to be my boo?
  9. That’s a nice witch costume, but you won’t be needing the broom anymore, because you’ve already swept me off my feet.
  10. You must love Halloween.You don’t need to buy a costume to look like an angel.
  11. Hey pumpkin, I think I can put a smile on your face.
  12. That skeleton over there said he’d get your number for me, but he didn’t have the guts, so here I am.
  13. Hey baby, you’ve captured my eye. Could I have it back? It’s the only one I’ve got, to fall in love with you at first sight.
  14. Hey, Are you made of candy? Because you look so sweet!
  15. Hey Cinderella, it’s about time I took you home. It’s nearly midnight! ◆



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