By Amy Ton

Piedmont Hills VSA(Vietnamese Students Association) is to perform at the MAYS (Mid-Autumn Youth Festival ) on Nov. 17.

MAYS is an annual event held every year for all the VSAs from local high schools to come together to compete in various activities and bond.

“Almost all of the schools in our district will be practicing MAYS which includes but not limited to Santa Teresa, Andrew Hill, Mount Pleasant, Overfelt and more!” says the VSA’s Secretary Shannon Cao.

The event is hosted by the VietAYA (Viet American Youth Association) and the club has been participating in this event for around five to six years now. For the past two years MAYS was held at Yerba Buena High school but this year MAYS is going to be held at Mt. Pleasant H.S. from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

At MAYS, schools will get to bond with other schools, have fun while learning about the Vietnamese culture and perform various events on stage.

“There are seven events this year for MAYS: dance, skit, jeopardy, Olympia, cultural pitch, singing and speech. Our club will be participating in all events,” says Cultural Chair Isabella Hoang.

For each event, there will be a competition and a panel of judges to see which school has the most outstanding performance. The top three winners in each event are able to earn a certificate and prize money.

The members and officers will be spending this month to practice and drill their performance to perfection. They will be performing four different types of dances: fan, hat, waltz and ribbon. The skit performances typically have a story and moral lesson behind them. In addition to that they  are also working on creating a skit to perform where they hope to be able to bond, place and win the money prize for the club.

There will be a speech and cultural pitch to be performed, the speaker(s) will be given a prompt or subject to write a speech and read to be judged and analyzed, for a money prize to the winner.

“This year for MAYS we’re hoping to bond overall as a club within our groups (such as skit and dance) as well as place in the events VSA is participating in this year. I also expect VSA to grow larger as a club as we get more people involved in representing PHHS VSA” says Isabella

With this event, the club will grow together and get closer and hopefully bring some prize money to support and fund the club.

“I expect that our school will raise enough money, if not more, to support our club. Nonetheless, I hope all of the members that participate in this event to have fun!” says Shannon. ♦



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