By Rose Lu

It’s already less than a week before Halloween and you still have no idea what  costume to wear. Don’t fret! The Legend  has your back. Here are some simple, last-minute Halloween costume ideas that can come in handy for you.

A Ghost

All you need is a bedsheet and some scissors. Don’t try this at school though, because full-body costumes are not allowed.

Rosie the Reveter

Male or female, all could be a reveter! All you need are denim jeans, a denim jacket, and a bandana. You also need some rough and tough arms.

Identity Theft

For this simple costume, all you need are post-it notes with some names written on them. Stick them all over your body and now you have many identities.

Chip on the Shoulder

Stick a small bags of chips on your shoulder, then you are done.

Self Portrait

All you need is a picture frame to carry around school!

Dominos (Preferably with friends)

All you need are some solid colored t-shirts, tape and construction paper! Pick a number applicable to the domino numbers and just tape it onto your shirt!

Self Absorbed

Are you self-absorbed? Then you should get some sponges to tape all over your body.

Error Code

Think normal costumes are lame? That’s fine! Just wear an error code costume, all you need is a message saying “costume not found.”


All you need is a marker to write “book” on your face.


Pick a fruit you like and find a solid colored shirt pertaining to your fruit. Then, make some seeds out of paper and voila! This would also be a cute idea with a group of friends, with one being a tree.


Remember what the teachers did two years ago? Dress up as an emoji, you can either tape it on your shirt, hang it around your neck or dress up as it.

If you don’t like these ideas, here are some guidelines to help you find your perfect costume. First, pick a theme and then pick something specific from the theme. Then get creative and go make it and wear it! Make sure you get creative, but most importantly be safe! Happy Halloween! ◆



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