By Alana Valdez

Pirates are working their way back up to the top one scurvy dog at a time. Our most recent crusade was against the Mustangs and our Pirates fought well.

Piedmont Hills Pirates played Pioneer High School and their Mustangs on our home turf last Friday. JV and V both played great games. Jv won 28-19 and V won 49-41. With this win the Pirates JV is 5-3 and V is 4-4. Piedmont now have one last game left in the season before CCS playoffs.

“I think we are doing really good right now. It took us a second to get in the shape of things since we had a thin team, but all in all we are doing pretty good.” Varsity football player Xavier Martinez comments after the game.

It has been a long voyage for our Pirates. The beginning of the season was off to a rocky start. They started out with a shortage of players. Then most students did not want to sign up for football because they did not have the time, did not have high enough grades or just did not want to play anymore. With the players we do have the coaches can see the lack of interest and commitment.

“Commit to practicing better, there is a lot of goofing around and not taking football serious they are just going out there and going through the motions and not really following direction. If they decided to take it more serious they could be great.” Football coach Jessie mentions.

The team continues to struggle, “They are struggling to get in sink and it shows of the football field.” says Coach Jessie. But thanks to the help of our coaches the players are making progress. “They always encourage us to push our limits and to never quit during game time, they inspire us in and out of practice.” Varsity Player Ryan Devlin states. This is what makes them a great team.

“I feel like if we could keep the same intensity all game long we will make it to CCS and not letting teams get in our heads.” Xavier says and hopefully tonight’s game at Leland High will help us qualify for CCS. ◆


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