By Francisca Pascua

Bam! Volleyball player Liana Annable smashed the ball to the ground, creating a loud thump. The other team retaliated. The varsity volleyball team had an intense match against Westmont this Monday but fell short on Senior Night at home with a score of 3-0.

With a current record of 3-10 in the league, PHHS Girls’ Volleyball struggled to win most of their games throughout the season.

In the third game, prior to the last home game, players went head to head with Branham, in which they suffered a 3-0 loss. The first set resulted in a score of 25-19, the second half the teams reached a score of 25-8 and the third set was 27-25. Despite the tragic loss, everyone remained optimistic and motivated.

“Our last game against Branham was probably the best game we played all season. Even though we lost, our team really came together and fought for every single point,” cheered senior Kaitlyn Seawright.

During the course of the season, the team lost one valuable setter from an ankle injury that may have altered the atmosphere of the games.

“I was a setter so it may have been difficult to adjust but we had two other setters that were able to play. So, maybe at the beginning it seemed different but overall I don’t think our team was affected,” claimed senior Emily Pereira.

The varsity team pondered about how to approach future games with a more positive demeanor.

“We could improve on staying positive even when the other team is doing well. We are just going to focus on having fun and working together as a team,” admitted Pereira as she reflected on what she has observed on performances.

Regardless of the multiple defeats, the players did not let this stop them from spiking back. They continued to prepare and work hard while keeping their minds concentrated on winning.

In their previous encounter with Prospect High school, PHHS Volleyball celebrated with a victorious triumph by leading 3 -2 .

“We prepared with another tournament over the weekend and just had pep talks. Our practices are usually [kind of] intense, but fun at the same time. Our team is really close and we pretty much make anything fun when we are together,” explained Seawright.

PHHS Varsity Volleyball Team are just one game away from ending their BVAL (Blossom Valley Athletics League) Season. With positive attitude, the volleyball team strives to win their final game at Evergreen Valley this Wednesday at 6 p.m. ◆



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