By Amy Tom

On May 25, 2019 seniors will come together at the Silver Creek Valley Country Club to enjoy “A Night to Remember” at their final high school dance, Senior Prom. There are many dances in high school and Senior Prom is the last and one of the biggest dances. It is not just a dance but it is also an event that brings friends together for a night to make memories and enjoy the time with their friends at their last dance in high school.

Before this event can happen there are many decisions to make from the venue to the activities at prom. All the work and time that goes into planning this big event is put in by the Class of 2019 officers who are still making decisions and adding activities. According to Class President Jane Tran, it took around five to six months to just pick the theme and venue of prom. The theme chosen for this year’s Senior Prom is “A Night to Remember”.

“We’re aiming for a flashback through high school. Memories” exclaimed Jane.

Along with choosing the theme the officers also decided on the venue. This year’s prom will be held at the SCVCC (Silver Creek Valley Country Club).

“We visited a lot of locations and Silver Creek Valley Country Club looked the best and matched our needs,” said Jane.

Prom is right around the corner and there are so many things to decide on: dresses, tuxes, who to go with and where to take pictures but there are many things at prom to look forward to.

“There is going to be many things including a DJ, Photo booth, flip book, and appetizers along with good vibes, and amazing decorations,” said officer Koby Pham.

The photo booth and flipbook will be great ways to create memories with your friends while enjoying the music and dancing at prom.

“I already bought my prom ticket and am pretty excited since this is the last dance of our high school life. I’m looking forward to enjoying good vibes, good food and hanging out with my friends” says senior Jessica De La Cruz.

Prom tickets have been on sale at the bank since Oct. 29 and will last until May 10. , 2019. Grab your tickets quick because prices will increase.

Current ticket prices are $120 for singles, $220 for couples and will stay at this price until Jan. 11, 2019. The next price increase is on Jan 14 $130 for singles and $240 for couples until Apr. 12. The last price increase and time period to buy the tickets is from Apr. 15 to May 10, single tickets will be $140 while couple tickets will be $260.

Don’t wait and buy your tickets now to enjoy a night full of good vibes, music and dancing.


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