By Harleen Kaur

“Well there’s this smell when you come in and it just smells like pie and it gives you such a great feeling especially when we drop off the pies” states CSF (California Scholarship Federation) Vice President Grace Shan. CSF held its annual Pie Bake at the PHHS kitchen last Saturday.

“It’s an annual event where members of CSF come together and bake pies for the homeless shelter because we love giving back to the community especially during the season of giving,” states CSF Co-President Jane Tran.

Members of the club sign up for different shifts and show up to the B-2 kitchen to make two pumpkin pies and one fruit pie from scratch with the assistance of the CSF officers.

“When we earn more money and receive more pie filling donations we are able to make more pies,” expressed Grace. The club usually ends up baking around 100-200 pies, but this year they ended up baking a total of 120 pies.

The bake starts at 8 a.m. with the arrival and set up done by the CSF officers. Members of CSF come during their designated shifts and leave after making their pies. By 4 p.m. when all the shifts are over and the officers start to clean up, two members will take all the pies and drive to the local homeless shelter to hand out the pies made by the students.

“CSF does not donate money directly to a charity instead what we do is that we use our funds to make these events where the school can donate to the charity and I think that’s something really special about CSF,” explained Grace.

This pie bake is one of the big events CSF holds every school year. Many of the members and officers enjoy coming together to help make these pies for the homeless.

“The pie bake is definitely one of my favorite events for CSF. I love being able to give back to the community and hang out with my friends at the same time” states CSF Junior Rep Kathy Du

“The hardest part about the pie bake is getting up early on a non-school day to come to school and bake,” claimed Grace.

The members of CSF are encouraged and rewarded with 0.5 act of service for every can of pumpkin pie filling they donate to the club.

“The hardest part about the pie bake is getting organized and figuring out the logistics of how many pie tins, pie filling and all that good stuff” admitted Jane.

As the semester is coming to an end, CSF has members re-apply every semester to make sure their grades still meet the requirements. The club hopes to see more new faces to join the club as the new semester approaches.


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