By David Shih


Are you dumbfounded when asked about what Thanksgiving activities you do with your family? What you do can vary from person to person, and family to family. The traditional way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to cook a meal for your entire family and eat it together. But what else can you really do?

“(My) family doesn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, we just eat hotpot,” said senior Mike Guo.

Others didn’t really follow the traditional homemade meal and feast together.

“We just go out and eat Popeyes,” admitted sophomore Aileen Le.

Due to a lack of ideas from our student body, here are some interesting activities that you can do with your family during Thanksgiving.


Family Game Night

Do you ever find yourself sitting in a room with your family, conversations sparking in different groups, and you feel left out? Here’s a way to jump in and relieve the awkwardness by interacting with everyone in the room. Pull out a board game, and have a competitive evening of family game night. Some board game ideas include Monopoly, The Game of Life, Headbanz, Apples to Apples, and Scrabble. And you can even compromise that whoever loses cleans up all the dishes.



What sounds better than a game of Bingo with the family? This activity allows prime family gathering time and is preferred and loved from people of all ages. You can also select certain Thanksgiving prizes such as Thanksgiving sticker or paintings to the winners


Planning a shopping strategy for Black Friday

Does mom want that pair of new earrings? Does little brother want that new game that just came out a couple days ago? Does dad want that suit that he’s been eyeing for half a year? This is a perfect opportunity for the family to get together and set up a perfect plan for the family to get everything that they want


Breaking a Wishbone

Do you want to have that A+ in your class or a brand new car from your parents? According to tradition, after the Thanksgiving meal family members that have a wish in which they break it, the one with the longer bone gets their wish granted, while the shorter one do not


Telling the Thanksgiving Story

Parents this is the perfect opportunity to tell your kids how this American exclusive holiday was made. You guys can take turns telling the kids how rough it is on the first couple years landing and how everyone almost starved to death> Thanks to the Native Americans we were able to survive as they gave us Turkey and potatoes. This is why we call this holiday “Thanksgiving”.


Hot Pot

A new tradition that has emerged from Thanksgiving is eating hotpot with the family. Hotpot is a traditional Chinese cooking method that involves adding random foods and spices into a bowl of hot water and eating your concoction in the end.

“We eat hot pot because we don’t know how to make turkey,” said Mike.


Those are just a few ideas to help liven up your Thanksgiving with the family.


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