By: Trisha Trinh

UNICEF (United Nations International Emergency Fund) and Key Club are partnering up to hold a movie night in the Library on Fri.,  Nov. 30. Together, the clubs will be showing The Greatest Showman with an admission of $1.

“The movie night is held to bring our clubs together and provide a fun way to stay active with the club!” says UNICEF Co-President Lilly Liu. The event that will include icebreakers, board games, taking pictures with all the decorations and even the chance to purchase food. It is estimated that 50-60 people going to the event, according to UNICEF Co-Service Director Anna Tran.

UNICEF is a nonprofit organization that assists in recent disasters and problems, but a branch of the group is UNICEF Bay which is more locally-based that Piedmont Hills UNICEF is apart of. UNICEF’s partner, Key Club, is a student-led program run through serving others by acts of community service.

“I think having the movie night is fun way to get people together while also fundraising for both UNICEF and Key club”, says Anna Tran.  Both clubs decided to do a movie night to raise funds on each of the clubs’ projects, while having a fun event for students to enjoy.

The movie will be from 4 p.m.-8 p.m. and everyone is welcome to come join. UNICEF is planning to use the funds from the event to cover any weekly or everyday activities, or their upcoming dance, Snowflake Ball. As for Key Club, they strive for another project of theirs, ELIMINATE, a project that provides vaccines to protect their mothers and children from a disease called MNT (Maternal Neonatal Tetanus), which causes both the mother and child to experience painful spasms.

“So of course it is amazing working alongside all the UNICEF officers! Planning all the decorations and the movie was difficult but made it through (the discussions and voting amongst both clubs). We all work towards our two main goals which is to spreading the unity and love as well as helping to raise money for the ELIMINATE project,” says Key Club Vice President Joann Huynh. Both clubs feels that the event is a great way to bond, while raising money for a good cause.

The movie shown, The Greatest Showman, is about a man that came from nothing rose to create a worldwide spectacle. The movie was chosen because it seemed like a good choice with having action-pact scenes and something for everyone to enjoy, according to both of the clubs.


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