A boy has recently broken my heart by not liking me back. How can I recover from feeling this way? 😦      


Just like physical pain, emotional pain is not something we can always talk ourselves out of! It’s easy to become self-critical after being rejected. Do your best to remember all the positive qualities you possess and write a list of all the reasons you are worthy of love and acceptance. Surround yourself with your loved ones who already know how wonderful you are. My guess is that in a few years, you might even wonder what you saw in him in the first place!


How do I deal with my anxiety about college?  


Preparing for college is a huge stressor. Picking your career path, choosing your college and then working hard to get in is exhausting. Let’s add some peer and parental pressure to the mix just to make things even more difficult. Although it is normal to feel overwhelmed, I think it’s important to divide our worries into two categories: things we have control over and things we don’t. Focus your energy on the areas where you do have some control. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Be gentle with yourself and remember that you can still get to your destination no matter which path you take.



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