By Mansi Patel


On Dec. 1, Piedmont Hills Varsity Girls’ Soccer kicked off the start of their new season with a 2-1 victory against Carlmont while JV Girls’ Soccer kicked off their season with a victory of 3-1 against Scotts Valley.

The Varsity Girls’ Soccer team has been having a powerful season with three victories and one tie. JV, on the other hand, has been having a challenging season with three loses and one victory.

For the last few games, Varsity has been doing relatively well while JV has been struggling. Last Tuesday, Varsity defeated Milpitas High School with a 2-0 victory. However, JV lost the tough fought game 2-1 against Milpitas.

Girls’ Soccer, both JV and Varsity, had their first game on Dec. 1, where Varsity won by one point and JV won by two points. So far, the season for Varsity has been going well, which has shown in the results of the game, but for the JV team, it has been tough because of the new freshmen who have come in and need to be trained.

“In JV, you might get girls that have played and girls that just barely played in middle school. Some of the girls are not as tall or as big as some of the other teams we have played, so the style we play is fast paced, touch and move,” said JV Coach Joey Jaramillo.

For Varsity Girls’ Soccer, the team lost up to ten seniors this year, making it a bit of a challenge for the team to play well. However, despite changes in the team, the girls have been doing very well and are improving with each game.

“Last year, ten seniors graduated, so we have an almost brand new team. Ten seniors, eight of them were starters, so in terms of starting off with a brand new team and the challenges of those girls meshing quickly to form a varsity team,” said Varsity Coach Fred Espinoza.

This season started with a rough start, mostly due to the change in practice locations. With the rainy weather, practice days often change in order for the girls to get all the practice they can.

“With the rain, we still practiced through it, it’s tough, it’s windy, it’s cold, but we have to get through it to prepare for the season,” said Midfielder Maia Quan.

With the Piedmont Hills High School turf being closed off, the girls had to practice at Independence High School late at night, starting around 8 p.m., which was inconvenient for some of the girls.

“Practice is kind of the same, but it’s a little harder to get to practice and back because it’s further and at any time, there could be traffic,” said winger Jasmine Trinh.

Not only did the rainy weather affect the practice, but the bad air quality last month restricted outdoor practicing.

“With the smoke, we didn’t really get the opportunity to practice (as much). If we did practice, it was in the gym,” said Quan.

Despite the tough practice schedule, the team is sticking together and striving as a team.

“I am looking forward to building new friendships with the new girls on the team and improving on my skills,” said Central Midfielder Vanessa Castaneda

The Girls’ Soccer season has just started, and there is still more to come for the rest of the year. Despite the challenges, the girls are willing to fight as a team and do their best.


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