By Henry Zheng

The science, GE (General Ed) and Special Ed buildings are finally coming to life this month after years of anticipation and pushed back deadlines. The projected date in which the classrooms will be completed is sometime before finals week.

“We’ll be moving boxes and things in during finals week in December,” said AP Biology and Forensics teacher Jason Dries.

The rooms are projected to be fully accessible on Jan. 7, as stated by Principal Ginny Davis.

This is particularly good news for both students and staff. After the long wait, many students look forward to having class in one of the most aesthetically pleasing buildings at school.

“I’ve been waiting for it because I thought it would be built after I graduated… I can’t wait!” says senior An Truong.

These buildings are one of the first building projects happening since the pool renovation. The buildings will allow for better access to science classes as opposed to the previous D-Building classes that were always hard to get to as people jostled around to get out of the halls.

“I always had trouble pushing through (the crowd) in the hallways,” states An.

The new buildings will offer a total of nine new classrooms that students and staff will occupy. It is not said who will move into these classrooms, but it can be inferred that most of the D-Building classrooms will be moved.

“There are four new science classrooms, two special education classrooms, and three general education classrooms. Plus, new restrooms for both staff and students,” stated Ms. Davis.

Along with being spacious, the buildings also provide something that we’re not used to.

“The science building is a single level, the other building is two story,” stated Ms. Davis.

It will be the first time in our school’s history where a two-story building will be avidly used for classes.

However, as grand as they are, many are criticizing the new buildings, stating how it’s colors do not fit in with the school’s signature maroon, white, and black.

“They really need to change the colors, it just does not fit,” said senior Aaron Jiang.

Others also believe that the buildings are pretty, but clash with Piedmont Hill’s signature “old look,” which the building’ modernist architecture does not encompass.

Despite all the comments, everyone seems to appreciate the buildings and how they have added a new dynamic to our school.

Yet many students are still mad at the construction workers on how they have pushed back many deadlines.

When asked whether weather or the wildfires had affected the buildings’ progressed, Ms. Davis replied with, “Not at all.”

Now that the buildings are done, we should appreciate its completion, and be thankful for how diligently working the construction workers have been. From the terrible air quality to the tons of rain we have been receiving, they have seemed to worked through it all.



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