By Sophia Xiao and Rex Ly


PHHS’ vocal jazz group, the Treblemakers, serenaded NASA employees with Christmas Jazz at the NASA Ames Research Center on Sat., Dec. 8.

Treblemaker alumni Margaret Levithan’s dad, who works for NASA, invited the jazz cappella group to perform for their Christmas party, according to Conductor Myles Ellis.

“It was really fun. We were able to draw considerably large crowds and spread some holiday cheer! We also got free food and merch from NASA,” said soprano Lilly Liu.

With songs like “Carol of the Bell,” “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “Jingle Bells,” the group of nineteen continued their tradition of singing Christmas songs at the staff’s Christmas Party. The group also sang “Voice Dance” and “Bumble Bee,” which featured soloists Lilly, Amy Dao, and Jeremiah Porda.

“The solo went really smoothly! People seemed to enjoy having soloists and hearing our unique voices,” said Lilly.

The group sang a total of four times at the party and even had time in between performances to enjoy the huge Christmas party.

“It wasn’t like a concert at all. It was more like a Treblemakers bonding,” explained tenor Baron Lee. “The last time we performed was the best out of all the four times, because we listened to each other better, and we knew how to start off and what the tempo was in the beginning instead of rushing all the way through.”

The Treblemakers last performed at NASA back in 2015, so this is the first time the current members will perform there. While the short preparation time and special audience was a source of anxiety for some members, senior Samuel Dai felt the group delivered a strong performance.

“The jitters are always hard to ignore in the beginning but the group is like a family, and we rely on each other during performances. Even though singing in front of strangers can be terrifying, we get assurance knowing we have each other’s backs,” explained Samuel.

The Treblemakers prepared for this performance as well as for the winter choir concert, Snow Better Place to Be, through rehearsals every Monday, Thursday and Friday during Lunch and Wednesday before school.

“The students are hardworking, and we treat this like a professional job,” said Mr. Ellis.
The members love singing and are dedicated to the group. For them, singing is a form of expression and gives them a sense of community.

“I just feel like I can portray my emotions better through singing,” expressed Baron.

The vocal jazz group frequently performs at choir concerts and other showcases.

“As a member of this group for three years, vocal jazz has become such a large portion of my high school experience, and I feel a responsibility to continue the legacy the alumni from past generations left to us,” said Samuel.


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