By David Shih

There has been a gradual increase in the abuse of drugs (other than vaping on campus and off campus) by high school students the past few years. The increase of drug abuse in students is a direct effect of modern entertainment and the marketing campaign of JUULS in 2017 and 2018.

Teenagers began to interact with JUULS due to celebrity propaganda. The, “I already smoke, I wonder what other drugs feel like” mindset will take over and push people to try other types of drugs.

Some drugs that are commonly abused by high school students include Ecstasy, Lean, Cocaine, Xanax and marijuana. All of these drugs have an profound negative effect on the developing brain (in which develops until the age of 25), and can cause permanent and everlasting damage to the body.

According to statistics of “The Recovery Village,” 35.1% of high school seniors have shown an intake of marijuana at least once and an increase of 3.7% overall when compared to the previous year. The new increase can be due to the introduction of waxing and the wax pen to high schools.

Waxing is a “new” type of drug that takes marijuana extracts and oils. The substances are then put them in a vaping device in which can be inhaled. These devices are easier to hide and conceal in which leads to the problem of smoking in the students bathrooms.

The legalization of marijuana in California started in November of 2016, causing the public to have a more twisted and irrational view of “since it’s legal, it shouldn’t be that bad” perspective.

The other drugs such as Ecstasy, Lean, Cocaine and Xanax are more abused at home and at concerts rather than at school. These substances are easily bought off of students on campus or from people on the streets if you have the “connection”.

Xanax and Lean in particular are easily accessible as they can be prescribed from the doctor through “anxiety attacks” and “coughing excessively”.

In order to combat this problem however schools should crack down harder on the students who are doing drugs. There should also be more severe consequences for those that sell drugs, rather than those who abuse it. Schools should also include videos during the morning announcements talking about the downsides of taking drugs for the body.


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