By Harleen Kaur

Classes preparing for the battle of the year


There seems to be only one thing that gets Piedmont Hills through the dreadful and long month of March: FANTASTICS season. This year, FANTASTICS will be held this Friday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the Big Gym.

“FANTASTICS is a night rally where classes prepare teams for games, skits and show class spirit to compete for points to win the trophy,” says 2022 President Jacob Dinh.

One change this year is the guest policy at FANTASTICS. Many Piedmont Hills students invite other students from other high schools to come and help support the classes.

“Students this year have to sign a guest pass to attend FANTASTICS,” states Jacob.

The themes for each class this year are Class of 2022, Tangled; Class of 2021, Phineas and Ferb; Class of 2020, Jumanji; Class of 2019, High School Musical.

Ticket sales began last Monday and will continue until FANTASTICS Day. The prices include $5 for a ticket, $7 for a shirt, thunder sticks for $3 and $2 for bandannas. A shirt and ticket will be sold for $10.

All the classes have been preparing by holding practices for games and skits weekly.

“We practice games and activities for about an hour every day and skit for two hours,” explains 2021 Dedicated Pirate Ethan Nguyen.

Class of 2019 feels sentimental as this will be their last FANTASTICS.

“Since it is my last year, I am super sad. That is why I am participating in skit for the very last time. I want to make my last year memorable,” says 2019 Dedicated Pirate Koby Pham.

This is the most competitive event of the year as the winner gets bragging rights and spirit clout. Many mixed opinions were shared about who’s going to take the trophy this year.

“I think the juniors are going to win because they are the most spirited class,” said Jacob.

“We believe the seniors are going to win since they have been working hard to get results that will show,” said Ethan.

Many students are excited for the most anticipated school event of the year and can’t wait till FANTASTICS.


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