By Trisha Trinh


Asha Lujan, former secretary of Assoc. Principal Honey Gubuan, has been a part of the Pirate community for many years. She has now taken the role of being Principal Ginny Davis’ new secretary. Ms. Lujan loves learning new things and working with teachers. The best part of her job is helping everyone out in the Pirate community.

“Everything is on a learning curve for me. Sometimes, the job gets a little hectic, but I haven’t been tasked with a lot of difficult things yet,” responded Ms. Lujan.

As a secretary, her job on a daily basis is to help find substitutes for teachers, assign substitutes to all the classes in need of one and help teachers with reimbursements and timesheets. She also assists with the attendance in the main office when it gets overwhelming.

“These fairly difficult tasks make me learn as well as get ready for challenges in the future,” expresses Ms. Lujan.

Ms. Lujan is determined to gain more experience as the new secretary for Principal Davis.

“I learned that I needed to be more organized, clear-minded or ready for any challenges that come my way,” says Ms. Lujan.

Ms. Lujan loves the environment and community at Piedmont Hills and is proud to be a pirate.





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