By Terry Tang

Santa Clara County hold its seventh Strong Girls Strong Women Conference (SGSW) geared towards high school students and their mothers on Sat. March 9th from 9 a.m to 2:30 p.m. This event was hosted to help bring awareness to topics like self-identity and stress awareness. This year they hope to at least have 500 people attend.

The event encourages attendees to bring unused socks to the event to help donate to the homeless who need it more than they do.

“The socks will be donated to homeless youth in our community. One of our Girls Advisory Team meeting this year was at the Will Bilson Center, a homeless center in San Jose. We learned about the root causes of being a homeless, which are not always drug related as many people imagine. This expedition into the real world encouraged us to help homeless youth by at least providing them with warm socks, especially during this time in San Jose where it rains often,” said senior Karla Manzanares

The reason this event was started was to help raise awareness for women and prioritize needs of young women who are working with the Office of Women’s Policy (OWP). The OWP is a special department within the Office of the County Executive’s Equity & Social Justice Division that helps make sure that women and girls have a say in local decision making.

“The event brings empowerment to all women. It covers mature topics and all the hardships in which women face today. It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience,” said Angela.

There are many various problems that women face in today’s society like gender inequality and domestic violence.

“Women’s issues today regard the wage gap, homelessness, violence, etc. As society, we can support women by viewing them as an equal status to the male gender,” continues Tostado.

This event is considered a big occurrence to many people because it allows women to have a bigger say and allow their voices to be heard.

“I’m looking forward to hosting my very own workshop on healthy relationships. This is such an important topic to me because you may not be aware of the signs to an unhealthy relationship with friends, significant others, family, etc. The workshops provide resources and information,” said Tostado.

The SGSW is a big event which receives recognition every year for its efforts to improve society for women.


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