Rex Ly

The JV Boys Tennis team hit off their new season with a 8-2 victory against Oak Grove High School. This season in the team has 18 players ready to represent Piedmont Hills and make it to CCS (Central Coast Section).

“I take it pretty seriously. I try and stay committed, be the first on and the last one off,” stated Doubles player Dylan Emery.

PHHS has been on a winning streak. With their most recent wins, they are working towards getting to the league games and reaching CCS. Throughout the season almost all the games have been close calls.

“I would have to say our biggest rival has to be Independence,” stated JV Captain Alan Nguyen.

Our next game against Independence will be next Fri., right before break.

“I keep everyone in check, organize practice and fill out team finances,” stated Nguyen. The JV Boys tennis team practices every day after to learn the game for new members they always practice at the school at the tennis court from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

“(The best advice I can give to new players is to) train consistently. You can’t take breaks from tennis and expect to be at the same play level when you come back,” said Singles player Guneet Sachdeva.

Like in any sport everyone starts off fresh and their biggest challenge is to improve in their skills in tennis.

Everyone has room for improvement on the team.

“My weakness is that I play aggressive and sometimes not that consistent. We are all getting better as the season goes on,” states tennis player Gavin Yu.

The newer members who participate are still determined to show up to all practices and tries to meet every day in the season to get better for their next game.

“I urge everyone to join if they’re interested in dedicating to our tennis team,” stated Doubles player Jason Cheng.

The team encourages students to join the team as it is a good afterschool activity and experience.

“I enjoy playing tennis! I think it is a good sport, but it encourages you to run a lot which you would not expect from tennis because it is in a confined area.” shared Emery.

The boy’s tennis team is trying to train hard in order to secure a spot in CCS and to win the league games.


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