By Rose Lu

Sustainability is the avoidance of depletion of natural resources inorder to maintain an ecological balance by following an eco-friendly path.

“Though sustainability does involve ‘going-green’ or recycling there is so much more to why humans have developed the idea of sustainability,” shares Sustainability club member Arianna Beliso.

Often, many people have the misconception that sustainability is only related to the welfare of the environment, however, it can also include health and the mental states of the people in our community.

“I would say that anything that is able to maintain the resources that it uses is sustainable,” comments Sustainability club member Emily Chien, “And, to me, sustainability can mean that you live your life in a way where you’re not permanently hurting the environment.”

In fact, there are many potential habits that people can adopt in order to become more sustainable.

“This doesn’t mean that everybody has to change their entire lifestyle immediately, we can all start by just putting our trash in the right bin,” shares Emily.

One major way to be more sustainable is to reevaluate energy usage and to switch over to a more conservative energy plan, such as using solar and nuclear energy as an alternative to fossil fuels and coal. Another way is to reduce the amount of plastic used every day or to reduce the amount of energy we use every day.

“For me, I have started out by removing plastic straws and bags out of my life and learning how to compost,” shares Sustainability club member Alex Kwan.

While adopting a sustainable lifestyle may be beneficial to the environment, it can also be a positive change for our society too. By caring for the environment and tackling the common issues of pollution, climate change, and other environmental issues, humans can develop better health, both mentally and physically, according to

“Sustainability is a good cause for helping out the environment, which is what people should care about if they want to have a good future for both the environment and themselves,” said Alex.


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