By Katie Tran

This year’s annual club day, Clubchella, was held on Wed., March 27 from 12:55 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the main hall as well as partly in the Junior and Senior Halls.

The event was originally supposed to take place on Sophomore Hill and in front of the Big Gym, as it did in previous years, but was relocated inside due to stormy weather conditions.  The theme of the event was ‘Clubchella,’ which is a play on the outdoors festival, Coachella, so the relocation was a disappointment to the club commissioners. Despite that and it being slightly cramped, the event went on as it was supposed to.

“We were super bummed that it was so rainy that we had to relocate to the halls because it was really crowded and it ruined our theme but things went okay, nothing went wrong besides having to relocate,” said Club Commissioner Megan Dang.

Clubs set up booths throughout the hall to sell food items while ASB held a photo booth and Class of 2019 hosted a game. There were almost 30 booths at club day this year.  All items were sold each for a minimum of one ticket and a maximum of five. Tickets were sold for 50 cents each during the event or during lunch in E-1, the ASB room.

“This year we sold fire noodles and I think we did pretty well, we didn’t lose any money so that’s a win in my book,” exclaimed Interact Secretary Quang Truong.

The many food items sold at Clubchella included pizza, samosas, fire noodles, churros and many more. Some clubs also sold beverages such as lemonade, thai tea and che thai.

Class of 2019 hosted the same game they did the previous year, with a goldfish as the prize. To win a goldfish you had to knock three bowling pins over with the amount of balls you bought, sold for one ticket each.

“It kinda sucked that club day was inside this year and I honestly had more fun last year but the food was still good, I liked the samosas,” said junior Priscilla Phung.

Besides the weather conditions, Clubchella went as it does every year.


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