By Francisca Pascua

Las Mariposas captivated the audience with an outstanding performance last Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the L-Building. They embraced their culture with other schools in the East Side Union High School District such as Evergreen, Mount Pleasant, Andrew Hill, Norte Dame and Bellarmine, as a way to honor their tradition.

Las Mariposas started a year ago( I think they have been a club for longer than a year so please check into that again) and is a club that celebrates Mexican culture. Their dances convey information about their background and contain many cultural symbolisms.

“Each dance is telling a story or can be a representation of the reality and every day norms of Mexico which is why it’s so important to continue this dance; to remember where we came from and what people have gone through and their stories,” said Las Mariposas President Sofi Jacquez.

“There will be different schools from the East Side that are coming and this showcase has the purpose to show the different types of religions in the folklorico group,” said Vice President Jameena Sampan.

Folklorico dancers, or cultural dancers who reflect their country’s customs, wear multicolor flowers in their hair to add vibrance and the flowers serve as an indication about their marriage or social status. Flowers that are worn on the left side of their head imply that the woman is in a relationship or is martial while flowers on their right side imply that the woman is single. They wear the flowers to look flirty and get the guy’s attention. (I feel like this paragraph is kinda out of place, it doesn’t give any context for the next quote)

“Practices are going great but kind of stressful because we have to learn lots of dances,” mentions dance member Caroline Nguyen.

Aside from the dance preparations with other East Side Union schools, Las Mariposas also juggled practices for International Faire.

“I always like seeing the dances that Las Mariposas do because it gets to show Mexican culture and the amazing ways of dance and how it is expressed! They do an amazing job dancing which is always very entertaining to watch,” exclaims freshman Carolina Padilla.

Las Mariposas will showcase their cultural dance at International Faire this Friday.


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