By Andrew Wong


On March 28, PHHS Swim team hosted the annual Senior Night during their meeting. Hosted in every last home meet of the year, Senior Night’s purpose is to congratulate all senior members for their hard work and dedication towards the team. Underclassmen and juniors work together to give the seniors gifts and posters.

“I remember the past 3 senior nights where a lot of the seniors and swimmers would be crying!” reminisced Varsity Captain Andrew Do.

“I’m super excited for senior night! I’ve been on the team for all four years and I’m excited to see what the underclassmen prepared for us!” exclaimed Varsity Captain Chloe Nguyen.

Juniors Leslie Ton and Megan Nghiem arranged the plans of Senior Night, gathering the whole team to come together to paint posters and pitch in money for gifts. Each day, the swim team held poster painting days where everyone gathered around to help after school. Each member gets assigned into a group of three, and work together to create one poster for one senior. As well as each member pitching in as much money as possible to purchase these senior gifts, of which Ton and Nghiem are responsible for.

“It was pretty difficult to come up with something for their gifts because there was just so many seniors, so we ended up buying them a lot of snacks during the meet,” explained Swim team member Megan Nghiem.

“About 75 percent of the team contributed, usually the JV swimmers. We have days where we paint the posters, and this year I think it was like 3 people to a poster,” explained Junior Eric Nguyen.

During the same day of the home meet, underclassmen prepare the finalized products to tape against the walls. The coach presented the seniors an individual speech at the same time while presenting their gifts at the same time. Being presented many gifts of gratitude towards the seniors, the seniors are filled with excitement and joy from all the honor.

“It’s been a fun experience being on this team. Meeting new people on the team and competing against other schools has been fun,” said senior Edward Chew.

“It was super cool to see how awesome all the posters they made look! I went last because I was the captain, and I got pretty emotional! I’ve been on the team for four years so it was really heartwarming when Coach Jason said super nice words about me and everyone cheered along,” expressed Nguyen.


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