by Lawrence Pei

Over the summer, with the absence of school, a majority of our daily schedule opens up, leaving us with time to kill.

As such, activities and hobbies that we pick up over the summer can both help us de-stress from the school year as well as help us pick up new activities we previously did not think that we would like.

  1. Photography: As a photographer for The Legend this year, this might come out as a bit biased. However, photography is an interesting hobby to pick up with the ability to capture memories that can be looked back upon at a different time. For starters all you need to get started is a phone and to find a visual that you would like to take a photo of and to continue practicing.
  2. Reading: Despite what one might think about how reading is simply an extension into all the work attributed with take it upon ourselves to be able to keep up by staying involved in recreational sports such as baseball, football and basketball. These sports are great as they both help us stay in shape and help improve our skill at a certain sport. With the hobbies that I provided, readers of this story, I bestow on you the ability to not waste your time. In addition, being proactive school, reading is enjoyable during your free time. Certain books such as The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger allows us a glimpse into the past and the perspective of others.
  3. Sports: During the summer, some people lack the outdoor activity time provided by P.E. classes. As such, we should

over your summer allows you to be able to come into the new school year both more prepared as well as relaxed.


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