By Divya Verma


On May 3, the swim team competed in CCS (Central Coast Section) at the George F. Haines International Swim Center. Warm-ups started at 12 p.m. and the meet began at 2 p.m. for the CCS championship. There were many different schools that came together to participated in CCS.

“Numerous swimmers from public and private schools in five different counties, and some even in San Francisco come to compete in this highly competitive and exhilarating championship,” said Ariel Pham.

The boys that participated in CCS were Andrew Hoang, Andrew Nguyen, Jonathan Nguyen, David Tabilas, Eric Tran, Steven Tran, Louis Santos, Matthew Santos, James Savella and Chris Yi.

The girls that participated were Michelle Komet, Lilly Lui, Megan Nghiem, Ariel Pham, Elise Pham and Kimberly Pham.

“I feel like the team is a lot stronger compared to all the other years I’ve been at Piedmont. There were a lot of fast incoming freshmen this year and the team we are bringing to CCS will be the biggest it’s been in a while,” said Eric Tran.

This year’s CCS team consisted of swimmers from both the swim team and swim club. For some events, swimmers competed as individuals and for others, as a team.

“I like to participate as a team because we all recognize each other’s goals and we push each other to achieve them on the days where people show up to practice,” said Andrew Nguyen.

CCS swimmers have been practicing for CCS since the beginning of the season through going to meets. Boys ranked 16th place and the girls did not have an overall ranking.

“Some important results that came out of the meet were that boys placed 14th in 200 medley relay, 11th in 200 free relay and 11th in 400 free relay. The boys placed 16th overall, which was the CCS finish in school history and the first state championship consideration time for a relay (200 free) in school history,” said Pham.


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